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Raglanify: Knitting Sweater

0.99 usd

*Now also with metric measurements and needles!*You know each knitting pattern is unique, but did you know there are basic constructional elements that make up the base of most patterns? Raglanify will be your knitting partner by guiding you through the construction of a top-down raglan pullover sweater! Use the generated pattern as a complete raglan pullover pattern, or modify it by incorporating your own design elements to make a unique creation of your very own!
Enter your measurements and choose your options:
-Neckline: boat, crew, or v-neck.-Waist shaping: turn on or off.-Arm tapering: turn on or off.-Choose any length for sleeves and torso,-Choose any length for ribbing or add your own edging.
The possibilities are endless!
-Refer to and modify the pattern at any time.-Email the pattern to yourself to build on your base design.*
Make one for yourself and everyone in your family for quick Holiday or winter gifts! :)
*Note for 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher: The email function is not fully supported as of yet.*